Today’s civil courts are dominated by low-value cases filed to collect consumer debts. Most of these cases lead to default judgments, because the consumer does not understand the process and assumes there are no defenses or options to resolve the debt for less than the full amount of the creditor’s claim.

With help from a collection defense attorney, a judgment in favor of a creditor can be avoided.

Through litigation and settlement of collection cases, bankruptcy is often avoided, and the stress caused by the debt can be dramatically reduced.

As the plaintiff in the lawsuit, the creditor or debt buyer has the burden of proof to establish the right to collect the debt as well as the amount owed. The plaintiff has to produce admissible evidence that all of its allegations are true. That is more difficult than simply filing the lawsuit and serving the defendant with a summons. An effective defense means that the defendant will obtain all of the documents the plaintiff hopes to use at trial to prove its case. In almost every debt buyer case, some of the material that is produced will be hearsay and not admissible evidence. In other cases, the discovery process uncovers information that supports a defense or is otherwise useful to the defendant.

By applying knowledge of the litigation process, most collection lawsuits can be settled for much less than the initial demand. Some cases are settled for a reduced amount, and others can be resolved without any payment to the creditor.

Since starting my firm, I have specialized in defending consumers and small business owners who have been sued by debt buyers.  I created an efficient system for handling these cases, which allows me to charge fees that are affordable for the average person.

This firm has represented clients in cases filed by these debt buyers and debt collectors:

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC
Midland Funding, LLC
Midland Credit Management, Inc.
LVNV Funding, LLC
Cavalry SPV I, LLC
Unifund CCR, LLC
Absolute Resolutions Corporation
Absolute Resolutions Investments, LLC
Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC
Velocity Investments, LLC
Debt Management Partners, LLC
The Best Service Company, Inc.
Razor Capital, LLC
Collecto, Inc. DBA EOS-CCA
GCFS, Inc.
Galaxy International Purchasing, LLC
Mountain Lion Acquisitions, Inc.
Olympia Financial, LLC
Pride Acquisitions, LLC
Sunlan LDP, LLC
Iver Capital Corporation
Kelstin Group, Inc. dba Pacific Credit Services

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