I can’t recommend Lisa enough!

Ms. Espada represented me in a very frustrating and complicated legal matter with the utmost expertise, professionalism, tenacity, and communication. She obtained a totally positive, excellent result for me. I am so grateful for her help, and I couldn’t have had a better experience with a lawyer in my matter. I can’t recommend Lisa enough!

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— Joey, a student loan collection client

Lisa is amazing! Highly recommend!

I contacted Lisa after days of reaching out to lawyers to defend me in a student loan dispute. She generously devoted her time to get all of the details from me to ensure she would be able to help me with the case. I felt very comfortable moving forward with her due to the fact that she was very honest and straightforward throughout the process. Lisa went above and beyond to help me and I would recommend her services to anyone in a similar situation.

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— William, a student loan collection client

Terrific Lawyer!

Great lawyer, took my case 2 months before trial and we won! Made sure documentation was in order, took her time with me and my case. I will tell everyone to hire her she is the best.

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— Nicole, a debt collection client

Excellent lawyer

I asked Lisa to look into my student loan issue after she had replied on my question on AVVO. She is very professional. I was in a stressful situation but Lisa did some investigating and really calmed me down, explaining things I wasn’t aware of. Would def recommend.

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— Ori, student loan consultation with statute of limitations analysis

Exceptionally skilled, effective, and easy to work with

I hired Lisa when a debt-buyer filed a lawsuit against me. She did excellent work on my case from the first phone call to the final resolution — which was 100% in my favor. Her communication style is professional and direct, but also friendly and very down-to-earth, and she turned a confusing and stressful situation into one that seemed clear and manageable. She thoroughly explained the situation, her approach to handling it, and my various options, all of which helped me make informed decisions and take action with confidence. Her work not only led to the best possible outcome for me, I felt throughout that she genuinely had my best interests at heart. This was the first time I’d had to hire an attorney and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the experience. Lisa gets my highest possible recommendation.

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— Jeremy, a debt collection client

Highly Recommended!

I got sued by a company that had allegedly purchased my student loan debt, but the debt had been bought and sold so many times there was no way for me to be sure what was legitimate. Did this company really own my debt? Was the dollar amount they said I owed even correct? Was this even my debt, or someone else’s? It was a scary situation, so I found Lisa online and hired her to help. She did some thorough investigating and found a lot of information gaps that resulted in me winning the case! Now that ~20k debt is gone, I won the case, and about a million pounds of stress is off my back. Infinite gratitude to Lisa, 10/10 would recommend!

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— Melissa, a student loan collection client

Lisa over-delivered on our expectations!

Through a referral my wife and I reached out to Lisa for help on what we all knew to be an unusual case. We had already consulted with several attorneys who left us with the impression that it was either going to cost us a lot of money to protect ourselves or alternatively we could go bargain with the feeling that we could get into it only to realize it could cost us a lot more as proceedings developed — it was already a nightmare, throwing more money at the problem that was open-ended in cost was something we were trying to avoid. Lisa let us know with a high degree of certainty the cost associated with each step. She was very understanding, pragmatic and transparent. Moreover, she left us with a strong sense of partnership. As it turned out Lisa was the best representation for what is in all likelihood the least amount of money. I have already referred others

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— Steve, a debt collection client

Would hire her again in a heartbeat!

“I made some silly mistakes with my credit and had a debt collection company start to harass me with bills, etc. and they eventually served me with papers for court.  Lisa did a consultation over the phone with me to discuss my options and to go over my situation to see if she could even help me. She was never judgmental about my situation. Lisa explained things in a way that made sense and put my mind at ease. I had a clear picture of what to expect and felt relieved to have someone like her represent me. I had no doubts about hiring her after our phone conversation.

Lisa is intelligent, professional and passionate about her line of work and it shows. If I ever had a question, it seemed she was always available to answer it and it made the whole process so much less scary. She was able to help me reach a settlement that was acceptable and very affordable.  Should a situation arise in the future where I might need legal help again, (although I hope not) I would definitely hire her without question. Thanks so much Lisa!!! I am forever grateful.”

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— Heidi, a debt collection client

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