May 02, 2023

Helped Me Settle an Old Debt

“I was being sued by a collection company for an old debt and contacted Lisa at the last minute. She promptly contacted me within the hour and I explained my situation to her. Her recommendations for what to do about the lawsuit sounded great to me and so hired her. She was able to get me an extension on the due date for a response and in a timely manner filed all the appropriate paperwork to start the process going. After a few months, when it looked like the other side was stalling, Lisa then recommended that we push forward as the aggressors. Sure enough, it worked and within about 6 months my case was dismissed. The total amount I paid was for Lisa’s work and I believe every dollar was well worth it. Lisa is very easy to work with, she listens without judging and asks all the right questions. I was scared by the lawsuit and almost didn’t call a lawyer. I’m glad I did contact her and her knowledge about the debt collection companies and the lawsuits they serve was invaluable to my case. She was very informative about the process and kept me updated whenever something new would happen. I would definitely recommend Lisa if you need a lawyer.”

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