Credit Lawsuit — Big Win!

I had a credit issue that turned into a lawsuit! I was fortunate to Meet Lisa Espada and am grateful for her highly professional, knowledgeable, highly skilled legal support. Lisa really cares that you win. I had the absolute best experience and outcome.

Lisa has a highly astute in her understanding of the law in the area of credit resolution. She is an expert in this area of law- an area that few other lawyers have mastered to her level. In the discovery process Lisa masterfully designed the process to get specific details that most lawyers would not even know to ask. Lisa showed a passion for my case and a sincere dedication to getting a favorable outcome- and she did! She won the case… A case many would say would be impossible to win. I highly suggest Lisa and truly believe if you have met her you are fortunate!

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— Maureen, a debt collection client

Provided Excellent Strategy and Delivered Best Results Possible

“Ms. Espada clearly understands her field of law. She clearly articulates the best options and strategies that can offer the best results. She’s a skilled negotiator, and takes an aggressive approach on behalf of her client. The most compelling quality is she’s committed to social justice. She’s not in this just to make money but to help those who often find themselves on the margins and need legal help. She was successful in having our suit dismissed and recovery of court costs.”

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— Mike, a debt collection client

Helped Me Settle an Old Debt

“I was being sued by a collection company for an old debt and contacted Lisa at the last minute. She promptly contacted me within the hour and I explained my situation to her. Her recommendations for what to do about the lawsuit sounded great to me and so hired her. She was able to get me an extension on the due date for a response and in a timely manner filed all the appropriate paperwork to start the process going. After a few months, when it looked like the other side was stalling, Lisa then recommended that we push forward as the aggressors. Sure enough, it worked and within about 6 months my case was dismissed. The total amount I paid was for Lisa’s work and I believe every dollar was well worth it. Lisa is very easy to work with, she listens without judging and asks all the right questions. I was scared by the lawsuit and almost didn’t call a lawyer. I’m glad I did contact her and her knowledge about the debt collection companies and the lawsuits they serve was invaluable to my case. She was very informative about the process and kept me updated whenever something new would happen. I would definitely recommend Lisa if you need a lawyer.”

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— Joachim, a debt collection client

A True Expert; Great Communication

“I had an old debt which began executing on my bank account, without me ever being properly served with notice. When I went to Lisa with my issues, she walked me through things in a way I understood. She determined that proper service had not been made on the judgment, and she built a seamless case to get the judgment set aside. Her knowledge of debt collection law is immaculate, and she paid close attention to detail. She kept me updated every step of the way, and answered all my questions quickly and thoroughly. In my case, going to Lisa with my case was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and it truly changed my life for the better. I recommend her services to anyone in need.”

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— Grant, a debt collection client

Lisa Espada is excellent for anyone with debt issues

“Lisa Espada helped me tremendously through the process of filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy. She gave me sound advice during our initial consultation…. She did an excellent analysis of my financial situation to determine my eligibility for bankruptcy. She handled all of the required paperwork & explained it all thoroughly to me. She was empathetic & supportive as well. I would emphatically recommend her to anyone with debt issues. I am in a much better place financially because of her help. Thank you Lisa!!”

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— H., a bankruptcy client

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